Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Granite Guard Space Marines

After way too much debate, I've finally settled on a paint scheme for my DIY Space Marine chapter.  I kicked around scheme after scheme, several of which I never posted, trying to find something original and enjoyable.  I came to the conclusion that any scheme was going to resemble another chapter somewhere, so I'm going with colors I enjoy painting/like the look of.
I revised my painting for the Granite Guard, bringing it closer to what I originally envisioned...darker, more muted, less Ultramarines.  My current thinking is that the Granite Guard are a successor chapter of the Imperial Fists, and will inherit some of their aptitude for siege and defense.  I like the idea of running Vindicators and Ironclads, and the vehicles will further separate the chapter from any blue brothers, as they will predominately be the 'granite gray' of the pauldrons (copy-catting Red Scorpions paint layouts in a lot of ways).

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BIG MEK w/ KFF Finished...

...for now, anyway.  There are lots of little things I could tweak and mistakes I could clean up, but I'm satisfied for the moment.  I enjoyed working on him, but I'm also ready to take him off my hobby to-do list.