Thursday, September 23, 2010


While most of my hobby time during the past year has been devoted to Orks, I still kick around ideas for my DIY space marine chapter. After going through several ideas, I'm starting to see why there are so many people with an Ultramarines army. It's frustrating to have a great idea in mind, only to see it turn to crap once a mini is actually painted (maybe it's just my painting).

The culls include (in various states of incompletion):

The Dawn Breakers

The Granite Guard (these guys might find their way out of the cull pile...not much different from Ultras...but I like blue)

The Ursus Bellum

Other randumb schemes

So after all that, I'm thinking of making my own Ultramarines army, or maybe Imperial Fists. I'd probably get caught up in Red Scorpions if I could afford Forgeworld's resin crack.


Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

I would avoid "The Ursus Bellum" unless you want to here all the bloody poop jokes about your army. Cause that is the first thing that pops in my head when I see brown and red on marines.

"The Dawn Breakers" is actually a fairly nice looking scheme. Grey is a fairly neutral color so you can pair it with pretty much anything.

SAJ said...

Haha, that's true. Of course, if I changed the name and ran them as BA, I could include Shitstorm Ravens in my army know, to fit with the fluff...

Flamed84 said...

It's funny to see that comment, the Ursus Bellum was my favourite! Not sure what that says about my tastes...
I would lose the red legs, go all brown. Maybe red helmets for veterans? That would look cool I think. And a shoulder pad/trim in company color.
Blue and Green compliment brown according to my color wheel, so I would think about those colors on the base (for example green grass and blue/grey rocks or something).

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