Friday, October 2, 2009

The Ursamarines vs. The Ursus Bellum

Still struggling with the name decision, but I guess I'm leaning toward Ursamarines. In the grim dorky world of my far 40K tournament future, I think it will be more acceptable to other players. Ursus Bellum sounds singular, some might need an interpretation, and it might come off like I'm just plain trying too hard. It's a tricky thing, finding something that's cool in a nerdy world, and still have it be my brand of nerdy.

I need to work on the lighting for my pics, but below are a couple marines showing my newly finalized colors. The ML was painted entirely with this new scheme, while the flamer was painted in a different scheme and then touched up to bring in line with the new.
This was more about finding the colors, and less about painting to top standard. Hopefully, my line highlights will be more careful and neat on showier pieces. Also, these obviously need a lot more work (weapons, details, etc. but I do like the eye of the ML trooper).

I decided to ditch the pauldrons with a bleached bone field. They are bears...bears that have been charging through the blood of their kills, seeking more enemies to slay. Really, I wanted brown, but after deciding that most will have red legs, I found that the brown was overpowered by the huge white pauldrons. I think this will also help with the chapter symbol, a nice dark background to slap a white symbol on. I may have some vets with white helms, and some sarge's with red helms. We'll see.

Because of the dark lighting, you'll definitely need to view the larger pic to see anything, and maybe even zoom in on that.

Also, with the switch to brown pauldrons, I can get away with a pauldron trim color, which is more appropriate since it's a codex chapter at the moment. I'm leaning toward a muted gold for second company or red for third (Ultramarines standards)

Blah blah blah...

Update: a stab at correcting the shoddy pic...colors are a little more true to life:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

40K TERRAIN with Pegasus Hobbies Gothic building sets...

This is a little closer to what I had in mind. I'd still like to stretch the building sets with some less ornate panels...get more out of them. I'd also like to elevate the whole structure and have a stair leading up to the main entry (again, like zigor). That would also allow for a blasted floor and rubble spilling out of the building.

And of course, whatever configuration I set the pieces up in, I plan to have a lot more flooring remnants at the various levels. I like the idea of almost everything counting as a ruin, but minimizing the area terrain (I wouldn't want to play the entire interior as area terrain). I'll have to consider that if I decide to glue these up into a permanent configuration. Right now, I'm just having fun building and seeing how far the pieces will go (I used most of what I have on this set-up).

I was very careful when I was shooting the pics...some of them are pretty fuzzy...