Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Because I don't know how to post it on your site...

...and because you wouldn't want it there anyway.

Jeff, the Raiders are looking very cool, and looking them over led to some sketching, so I thought I might as well share. The DE's look is so jagged, I wondered how that might be played up in the sail. That led to another mast, mid-ship, that the main sail attaches to. The shorter mast also has a sail, tying into the back of the ship. Ended up looking like shark fins, but I don't know, maybe that fits with your theme too.
I know the scale and shapes are off, but hopefully it still hints at the idea:
Also had an idea for material of the sail. Yes, it's probably another bad idea, but I thought I'd share it too. It seems like I remember mention of 'energy sails/fields' on a DE ship in the book Nightbringer. Not sure about that one, though. Anyway, my idea was to use 'granny-grate' (i think it's used for needlepoint, just semi-rigid plastic mesh) for the sails.
Painted in gradients, I think it could look like the ships 'crackling energy sails'. Might play into the Night Shield upgrade too, don't know much about it.
Comes in different mesh sizes:

Anyway, I've been working too long tonight, so I might be addled. Feel free to disregard, especially since the raider looks sweet as-is. Keep it up, your creativity is inspiring me to get to work on some of my own conversions/builds.