Sunday, August 30, 2009


Okay, I skipped the floor panel for now...that will be mold #3.

Mold #2: The same mold could produce all three panels shown in the picture, depending on the spacer blocks I included. The foundation panels and parapet panels are mold #1 from the previous post.

I think the window mullion (center partition) is too thick...proportion is a little off, but I also think it's as slight as I'm comfortable with using the Durham's. It's not so off that a building made from these panels could be used to pad out a battlefield that had other GW or Pegasus items. (also, it'll be much less noticeable once "battle damage" is applied...)

Monday, August 24, 2009

40K TERRAIN CASTING, sort of...

Matt, the idea here was a low wall, balcony railing, or parapet wall...(red panel is the foamotype)

An individual panel...

And the foam mold...

Obviously, this technique isn't going to capture fine detail, but it will probably work for some generic, modular building panels, especially after I correct some mistakes I made. It seems well suited to anything constructed of bunkers, barricades, etc.
After seeing the results of this first attempt, I'll probably try a mold to create flooring or road next. (as soon as life allows)