Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VCT Basing Legion of the Damned

Here's an example of the VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring in action, providing basing material for some of my Legion of the Damned.  For my Space Marines, I want to base them so they'll fit in with either an urban or barren-blasted-rocky-desert terrain.  I think the VCT does a good job of passing as either slabs of rock or concrete paving.
A lot of good things about using VCT:  
The break pattern is very similar to concrete/rock crack patterns, or you can score and snap it in a straight line.  Free samples are easy to obtain, but even if you have to buy some, it's available at any big-box home center and it's dirt cheap.  60-70 cents a square foot, and in theory on square foot will base 144 minis.
This is just a 2"x2" sample, similar to the one used to base all 6 models above:
For me, the tile is free, and it took only minutes to prepare all of these bases (of course, drilling and pinning the models to the bases took some time, but basing plastic models this way would take very little time).  
It could actually be used to produce a very similar look to Les Bursley's bases, here.  Someday, I'll get some paint on these and provide an example of a finished product.


Brent said...

That's a pretty great idea!

Almost as good as the ideas you had in June.


Post more!


PS - I may steal this post...

SAJ said...

Peccávi...ópere et omissióne,mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Steal away. Maybe on those rare occasions that I put together something to post, I should just send it to you, as I am unlikely to ever post with real regularity. Maybe some dulcolax would help.

Herr Fernseher said...

I came across some VCT in the warehouse today. I wanted to crumble it to see how easy it was to work with. I was having a small moral dilema over destroying a tile that probably only cost the business pocket change. Fortunately I found a tile that was already broken and had a field day with it. Modeler's tip: put the tile in the refrigerator before breaking/cutting/scoring it. The tile I found in an un-airconditioned warehouse was rubbery and bendy and didn't break as brittly as I would have liked.

Mofreaka said...

Nice creative find, I really like how the base's came out... and like you said, they will look better when you put some paint on yer minis!

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