Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The more Orks fight, the bigger they get. So I figure the 3rd Edition model of Ghaz should be even bigger now. Someone out there had an idea for him being a monstrous creature when the 6th Edition comes out, that might be cool.

Anyway, I'm working on beefing Ghazzy up:

Break him down before I build him up-

Much drilling later-

I'm still thinking about the end pose, but here's one idea-

I won't use the big shoota shown, but I do like the idea of lengthening his gun barrels. I think he'd look better on a 60mm instead of the 40mm he comes with, but I don't want to deal with jibber-jabber when fielding him, as some might construe a larger base as an advantage. Maybe I'll rig the base so I can play him on either.

Now more drilling and pinning, milliput and greenstuff.


Brent said...

You are the man, Simon - truly.

My only problem is you don't post more.

So, post more!


SAJ said...

Thanks dude, and yeah, I definitely need to post more. The jump from one kid to two is an adjustment, but I hope to be posting more frequently as we acclimate...

Gauthic said...

Sweet another model held together by blue-tack!


Avatar: "Oh my, Ghazzy, how you've grown since our last meeting. Prepare to die."

SAJ said...

no,no...the blue tack provides a 2+ invulnerable...

TheKing Elessar said...

Technically, the shown weapon is still a Multi-Melta... :p