Thursday, April 15, 2010


A little more work done on Ghaz. Reshaping and positioning the power klaw, trying to make it seem more sinister.
After cutting off the original gun barrels, I had a better understanding of why I didn't like them...they're tiny. I went back and forth about their replacement, trying to decide between one big shoota barrel or two. I then realized I was being silly, and used all three.

Playing with the pose amongst other models to get a sense of scale (or lack of... he's pretty huge). Regardless, I don't think the marines are going to make it:

Finally settled on this pose and pinned his arms in place. The more I look at this stance, the less I like it, but nothing has been done that can't be undone...we'll see.

I may change the pose, raising the PK slightly and lowering the gun arm so it's slightly cross body (pointing at the ground in front of him). Feel free to weigh in on this.

In the meantime, I'll greenstuff over the first layer of milliput on the legs and torso and start adding glyph and armor bits (can't have him looking so spindly).


Brent said...

Man, that is really, really cool.

I like the look - and it's Orky to put on all three guns!


Herr Fernseher said...

You know, I think I was wrong about missing Ghaz's hunchback. He looks pretty scary standing up straight.

I like the Orc line-up; can we have another with a can and a dred to the left of Ghaz for comparison?

Since you've got my Avatar there, tell me: do you think we can beef him up? Forge World's Avatar is much bigger than GW's. (Plus I don't like having a monstrous creature shorter than your warboss!)

SAJ said...

The Avatar...We can rebuild him — we have the technology.

He'd be a lot more difficult, with actual sculpting required.
In my mind, all I've done with Ghaz is add back in the segments of his body that seemed to be missing. If you look on the GW site at Ghaz, he looks like a pair of shoulders and arms on feet.

The Avatar, however, is already in a uniform scale (the scale of his legs matches his torso and arms etc.) We'd have to go Gattaca on him, adding length to all segments of his body, then GS over everthing to make his bulk match his longer body and limbs. The head could probably stay the same, it's big enough to work on a larger model.

It should only take about 80 hours (just kidding, I have no idea)

SAJ said...

You know, having to GS over the Avatar's larger frame to add bulk is actually a good thing. It'd be easy to transition to the look of the FW model, with it's charred and cracked surfaces (which I think is more fitting anyway). I'd really like to paint one of those too.

Gauthic said...

Oh my, Ghaz is da biggest Ork o' dem all now! Dat's fur sure!