Thursday, October 1, 2009

40K TERRAIN with Pegasus Hobbies Gothic building sets...

This is a little closer to what I had in mind. I'd still like to stretch the building sets with some less ornate panels...get more out of them. I'd also like to elevate the whole structure and have a stair leading up to the main entry (again, like zigor). That would also allow for a blasted floor and rubble spilling out of the building.

And of course, whatever configuration I set the pieces up in, I plan to have a lot more flooring remnants at the various levels. I like the idea of almost everything counting as a ruin, but minimizing the area terrain (I wouldn't want to play the entire interior as area terrain). I'll have to consider that if I decide to glue these up into a permanent configuration. Right now, I'm just having fun building and seeing how far the pieces will go (I used most of what I have on this set-up).

I was very careful when I was shooting the pics...some of them are pretty fuzzy...


Herr Fernseher said...

Beautiful! This is more like it! I see the rose, the bell tower , it looks like you tried to start a wing (is this all the panels?)

I'm guessing you're gonna cast some more columns as butresses? And I'll bet the GW flooring will look great amongst these. You are planning to put pieces of the air ship on upper floors, right?

Oh, and the second photo is downright artful: The marines charging the cowboys? Awesome. It looks like the marines' feet are off the ground like the horses. Very action.

Oh, and as for "blanker" panels, I really thing plexicard with an ornamentation glued on will look fine. I'm sure we can come up with some good textures on our own, but we could also make a lot of claypress dump molds out of GW insignias and wall messes. (I wonder if green stuff would make a decent shallow slab of "clay" for a mold?) Anyway looks great. I'm giddy to play through this.

Herr Fernseher said...

Speaking of foam block elevation, I would like to have some “hills” of foam. Maybe 6”x6”x1” pieces, that you can put together to make larger shapes. Then to make the hills “blend” into the table top we’ll need “ramps” for straight edges (maybe a inch rise over a 3 inch run is a gentle enough hill NOT to call it difficult terrain, and quarter-cones for the corners (radius 3 inch, height 1 inch). Hmmm. Guess we’ll need “inverse cones” for the inside angle of and “L” shaped hill. More on this later…
As far as basing your cathedral, each individual clump of ruin should be on its own base. This way you have a collection of area terrains that are only related by former design. In other words, you could shoot across the duomo without any area terrain weirdness. You could also make one huge foundation on which all the separate area pieces can rest. Not only would this give you the elevating base you want, but the floor panels, texturing and rubble could define where each piece of area terrain sits, like jigsaw puzzle pieces interlocking. Depending up how detailed you wanted to get, it could appear seamless, or the floor could stop well short of the ruin walls, so that each area terrain boundary is obvious. The nice thing about this approach is 1) it will store easier 2) each piece of area terrain can be used separately or shuffled so that we’re not playing the same table every time. You could conceivable make different “floorplans” for the same set of ruins…kind of an exciting idea, given the other acquisitions we have in mind.
By the way, if we get those large windows from the Shrine of the Aquila, we should do double or triple flying buttresses in series. (It has some good “blank” panels too.)
Oh, and about flooring: not all floors have to be “remnants.” It would be perfectly believable and kind of cool looking if infiltrators created some impromptu modifications like scavenged scrap panels thrown across the tops of ruin walls for a sniper’s platform. Maybe the flying arch from a buttress, shoved through a couple of widows at right angles could create a stable platform? And any area that has been “improved” by troops ought to trophies around it, like heads mounted on the pinnacles!
Ok, back to homework… :(

SAJ said...

I like your ideas for the layout, and definately want to be able to reconfigure things. In fact, I currently have not glued anything, and am a little reluctant to do so. The pieces snap together pretty well, and it might be nice to have the option of quick building re-configuration. Maybe just paint them and then give em several coats of dullcote to protect.
I too am interested in hills. I've kind of decided that my first attempt at a board will borrow from GW's, but I think I'll break it down more:
-have at least 6 2'x2' flat squares, textured and painted
-do the hills separately and in a modular fashion, this way we could set it up like the GW table, but could remove them as well if we ever needed a flat layout. Also, I would want to be able to make taller hills than they usually put modular hills of various sized that could stack up and still look 'natural'
-I think the foam will be great for this

Really, until we're ready for silicone and resin, I'll probably switch terrain gears and work on non-city type projects. Hills, bunkers, bastion, I'm not really a fan of rivers I've seen, but I do think it's cool to have a fairly deep, dry river bed...more fitting too since I'm thinking dusty, war torn landscape for my board.