Friday, September 25, 2009

40K TERRAIN MADNESS, why I have no beer money...

Okay, I mentioned I made a's a preview:

In the boxes:

The boxes opened: (there's a lot of plastic here)

A quick structure: (all boxes are modular and compatible, this is probably no more than 15% of the available pieces)

The pics aren't great, I had to coax each shot from the dying batteries...

but I'm excited by the possibilities. The pieces snap together, so I can take apart and reconfigure with ease. I'm eager to take a look at the cathedral we discussed last weekend, ruined by the Crashed Imperial Aquila Lander.

However, I'm also looking forward to finalizing (to a point) the putty casts I did. I do plan to reduce the scale of the structure you saw and make two ruined corners instead.


Herr Fernseher said...

Haha! Looks good. I've been sleeping 5-6 hours/night this week and was pretty sleepy this morning. These pix helped wake me up, so thanks for the post. I'm excited to play these pieces.

Also, let me know when you are ready for the resin; I see some panels here I want to replicate. (Think those floor pieces will work for your putty work?)

I'm looking forward to seeing the ruins you've already started on. Your "damage" effects looked pretty good. Ok, breaks over...

Herr Fernseher said...

I like the individual panels, but as I'm looking at the pix on the front of the boxes, I'm realizing that the structures themselves aren't really all that gothic. (A buttress on a two story building? Is that right?). Glad to hear you have plans for augmenting and improving the standard form. You might be able to talk me into buying one more GW piece so we can add a few more textures to your pallette. Ok, breaks over (yeah, homework is KILLING me this week...)

SAJ said...

Yeah, I feel like both the Pegaus and GW products are best used as the focal points of an augmented structure (like zIGOR's). And yeah, I plan to use the buttresses in a more realistic fashion, even if I do just use the pieces from the sets for now. Of course, I'm like you, I really like the blasted conc. effect Zigor achieved with the foam blocking.
I probably will try to talk you into buying another GW building, and I'll probably get one too, so we can have all their panels for resin reproduction.
I'd jump on some resing casting now if I had the's possible that I should have bought the supplies for that instead of the Peg sets, but I was itchy to get something playable on the table. Also, these will be good to reproduce.