Wednesday, May 23, 2012

40K or 401(k) ?

Recently, I've been thinking that I'll give up 40K, and sell all my miniatures.  I rarely have the opportunity to play, and most of my Orks and Space Marines armies are unpainted.  With 6th Edition almost here, there will be new rules and higher priced models that I will want to buy, which will probably only join the other unused toys on my shelves.  Maybe it's better to just jettison this hobby, and relieve myself of the incessant but unrealized desire to be 40K involved.
Of course, I really enjoy nearly every aspect of the hobby.  I let it balloon on me, so maybe I just scale back, sell off my Orks...maybe become one of those guys that just paints to sell, let painting be my hobby.  That's what I decided.
Then I see this:

and that plastic crack itch is back as strong as ever.  "Gotta have the bommers" is running through my head and I can't wait to see the official rules updates.  Maybe I'll hold off on liquidating my greenskins.  Damn you GW and your Orky goodness.  Just when I thought I was out...


Luis Nieves said...

the bommer does look great... the necron one is pretty nice too!

(lack of comment on the space marine vehicle is intentional)

Snake88 said...

Would be a shame to see a talented painter like yourself to quit the hobby.

conversely the new flyers have got me wanting to go out and buy more plastic crack however I must say that it is the Storm Talon that I really like.

SAJ said...

Thanks for the kind words, Snake. I actually agree with both Oink and you...I like all the flyers! I don't have a Necron army, but I think it looks cool on the tabletop. I love Orks and pretty much everything GW puts out (come on plastic Mega Nobz!). And for all the grief some are giving the Stormtalon, I think it looks pretty good and is definitely fitting for SM. I've read comments bashing it for 'ignoring the rules of aerodynamics', but I'm fine with saying that the thrusters compensate for all that. anyways, Space Marines tend to ignore the established rules a lot (come on, they're 7-8' tall)

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